Did you know engraving is the most eco-friendly of all the print processes? The reason is that engraving inks are 100% water-based and have no VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).*

 At Majestic Mills, we are constantly striving to reduce our environmental footprint.

-- We only use certified waste haulers for our government regulated spent chemistries. We have made great strides in how much government regulated waste leaves our plant due to greater process control. We also manage the proper disposal of spent consumable materials that are non hazardous as well.

-- We recycle any and all stationery products that are spoiled during press runs or used in the office, such as corrugated materials, copper from plates and office products.

-- Our plant personnel are trained in the proper use of any chemical routinely used in the production of our customer’s products.

*Buzz Ink “Bee Responsible” training