Majestic Mills prides itself on excellent customer service and the highest quality engraving. Our client services and pressroom staff all have at least 20 years experience and our sales staff average 30 years experience in the engraving industry. Whether in the midst of a major rebrand, or responding to day-to-day demands, we understand the challenges our clients face.  Majestic will partner with you and help manage and problem-solve any issues that you may face. Majestic Mills is responsive, reliable and committed to excellence. We work with small law firms to Top 100 law firms and everything in between.

“Our new firm needed 1200 sets of redesigned cards, letterheads, and envelopes delivered with tight deadlines. Your entire team worked very hard, was extremely professional and helped us through a very stressful time. You guys made us look like rock”

Iris R. Harris
Manager, Purchasing and A/P, SNR Denton US LLP

“Doing a Global rebrand has its challenges. But doing it in 90 days from design to final delivery for 49 locations in 33 countries requires extraordinary hard work and collaboration. Majestic pulled out all the stops and made it happen on time. Best of all, when we ran into unforeseen issues, they always came to us with solutions and ways to keep things on track.”

Elonide Semmes
President, Right Hat, LLC

“Launching a new brand is a challenging initiative in any law firm. Coordinating the multitude of details, stakeholders and outside service providers is de rigueur for such an engagement, but without the right team in place, the pieces start to unravel.

Collaboration and an eye for smart design are increasingly important attributes in our engraving partner. In this text-and-twitter world, the elegance of perfectly engraved stationery makes a statement that is important to law firms – and to us. This is why we recommend Majestic Mills. They come to the client’s table with us because we trust their quality, resources and judgment. If we have a locked-in deadline and budget, we know they’ll honor them both.“

Deborah McMurray
CEO and Strategy Architect, Content Pilot LLC

“When I arrived at White and Williams as the new Director of

Marketing I was so relieved to learn that Majestic Mills and Bill Fitzgerald had won our account for rebranding our materials. I have known Bill for years and instantly knew that I did not need to worry with him on the account. Majestic Mills and Bill Fitzgerald are a combination that give me one less thing to worry about. They are simply the best!”

Holly Lentz Kleeman
Director of Marketing, White and Williams, LLP